Different kinds of web hosting services

There is a broad range of products of web hosting which are available to everybody who wants to start their own web-presence. Usually, the services of web hosting are customized to the desires of the mass market like shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, and free web-hosting. Meanwhile, others aim a very specific, but more qualified audience which includes dedicated services of hosting, cloud based hosting services and hosting services which are properly managed.

Which web hosting service will suit you best?

For identifying the correct web hosting service and host provider, most of the users use to evaluate all the competing offers and analyze following dimensions: - Customer’s satisfaction - The quality of Service and support - Locations of Server - Up-time - Services related to Backup - Options for Database - Security features like anti-mal-ware, anti-DDOS and anti-spam - Z systems choices - Packages - Money back guarantee - The method of Payment like monthly or annually - E-commerce alternative - Eco-friendliness
Steps to host a website
You should consider all these simple points while preparing for a new web hosting project:
- What is the reason of your web-hosting project
- How much web space is required for this project
- What is the rate of expected traffic on your website
- Are there any special requirements for required security
- Which available domain name will best suits
- are you making a site for personal use or you just want to start a new business
- How data you want to upload onto your web space like videos or photo galleries
- Do you want to connect your site to an e-commerce platform or not
- On which technology of website builder you want to develop your site for publishing your content online

Prefer a host who is offering you best feature

We are offering awesome packages for website hosting which are very reasonably priced, including a cloud-based hosting with super fast speed, infinite bandwidth and nonstop expert support for keeping your site consistently up and running 24/7. We can accommodate any type of project; whether it’s a small online store, hobby websites, any community groups, large businesses or blog. JK connection is offering plenty of storage space for giving more room to expand and our every package must include at least one database which will help you to install and run various things just like e-commerce, photo galleries, WordPress or any other thing you want. Other than this you can get very easy-to-use control panel, which will help you to setup the best hosting website.

Web hosting service

When anyone is using a service of web hosting, he will get access to particular web space on the internet. That allows a person to start building, maintaining and publishing one’s own website. The provider of the web hosting is liable to give all the necessary resources that are needed for connecting to the people, customers or friends on the new website.
The term "web host" or "provider of web hosting service" refers to any local or worldwide business that offers the services related to technologies and support that are essential for a website to be accessible via the internet. Web host typically offers contemptible solutions to begin a new web presence to personal users, freelancers or small endeavors that do not have their own web server.

Complete Market-place and upgrade-center

JK Connection has given everyone an access to the Marketplace. This section will allow you to connect directly from your control panel with a host of add-ons, and this service is available for both free and paid, and will definitely help you to manage and develop your site just like you want. As we all know that everyone’s need for web hosting is different, that’s why we are offering various plans with more flexibility and new and advanced options that could easily fit in everyone’s budget and desires.

Initiating new and advanced JK connections

A JK connection is undergoing some gigantic improvements and we are really excited to share our recent update about new packages for basic, silver and gold.

Ways for helping you to get online

We are offering lots of different tools and ways to help our clients to get online. We are offering lots of new domains names and hosting to our customers just as they want. It will definitely give them a more unified, and considerate experience.