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The first bundle of extensions for a new domain is already live, and we will launch much every week. These new domain extensions are also known as new TLDs.

Jk connections offer lots of new TLDs like Pre-Registration for universal Availability. The option of Pre-registering a new domain will definitely give you an improved chance of locking the name you want. Obviously, all the new domains will be trendy that's why we recommend to you pre-register it. So, get started by writing a domain name or any keyword in the search box present above.

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P lease note that it is not guaranteed that you will get the name if you pre-register it. But, don't worry at all if you will be unable to get the name then, we will refund your registration fee.

If numerous people pre-register the similar name, then we will conduct an auction for determining who actually wins the domain.

Early-Access-Period (EAP)

The (EAP) Early Access Period is considered to be the first seven days of a fresh General Availability of TLD's. During this time, you can register your domain names on a first come or first served basis without any restriction. The EAP intermittent is only applicable to specific fresh domain extensions.

Trademark Holder

These domain names are only offered to Trademark Holders, and you can call this registration period as a Sunrise. It is the first opportunity given to trademark holders to register their new domain. However, to avail this opportunity it is compulsory to have trademark validated with the authentic Trademark Clearinghouse, earlier than registering your new domain.