Why JK connections?

Why it's worth to choose JK | hosting?

Get domain name of your choice and you will get lots of extra credits



Obtain express authorization from either the Registered Name Holder or the Administrative Contact.


We run Enterprise level hardware including Duel E5-2620, 96 gigs of ram and pure-SSD hard drives.

Technical support

With us, you'll be speaking to Level 3 technicians who know the server inside and out.

Spam Filtering

We have local Spam Experts clusters that filter inbound and outbound mail.

How we do it?

All brand names are considered to be the trademarks of their particular owners. We will mention prices, plans and all the other options on our official site and will disclose it publicly. So, no hidden charges or cost will be charged to our clients. All the Plan comparisons will be based on web hosting with same features.

All the pricing is based on the introductory price list unless otherwise indicated. Plan's or hosting prices will be changed without any notice. These introductory prices are only offered for the first tenure of service and will be renewed automatically at the regular rate.

  • We sell all over the world.
  • Satisfaction or money refund guaranteed.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hours shipping.
  • We provide best tools ever.

Thousands of people love us

JK connection has reliable and fast server and our up time is 99.99% and we take continual backup of all of data. So it is the major reason that thousand people of all over the world love us.